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“Learn step-by-step how to choose a career that will be lucrative enough to support you and a family, not restrict where you can live, and not require odd hours or excessive travel”.

By: John D. Gaskell, author of

           How to become the “SMARTEST PERSON” in the Room.

You are what you are perceived to be. Let me show you how to become the master of self-promotion.


How to make a career choice? (Part 2 of a multi-part article)

At the high school level, students should consider career options. Don’t make career choice just because it “sounds like fun.” Make sure that it will be lucrative enough to support you and a family, will not restrict where you can live, and will not require odd hours or excessive travel. I have a friend whose daughter became a Marine Biologist and later found out that it qualified her to “shovel seal poop.”

Before spending four years of your life and your parents’ hard-earned money, you should be reasonably sure that your chosen options are right for you. I recommend “shadowing” somebody in the fields that interests you. If you don’t know someone, use the internet. Make a phone call, and explain that you are a high school student interested in becoming an _________ and would like to speak to an _________. Explain to the _________ that you would like to come to his/her office and observe a typical day. Very few people would turn down that kind of a request, and it might turn into a summer internship or a job after graduation. If you are unsure of your specific career choice, call __________ of various specialties to try and gain an understanding of what their job entails. Spending time with several __________, would broaden your perceptive.

In my case, my father was an electrician. I helped him with side jobs and grew-up with an interest in electricity. I chose to take an academic vocational course in high school, Radio–Television and Industrial Electronics, with the goal of becoming a TV Repair Man. (Do you know anyone, today, who is making a living repairing TVs?) In my Senior Year of high school, two of my classmates decided to go to Wentworth Institute in Boston, MA, for an associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering; so, I applied and was accepted. When my two years at Wentworth were almost complete, a friend in my class told me that he was going to a four-year college for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering while getting almost two years of credit for his associate’s degree. So, I applied at the University of Rhode Island and was accepted, but with no credits for the two years at Wentworth. However, low in-state tuition and the ability to commute from home made this the only realistic option for me.

Instead of “stumbling” your way through six years to become an __________, plan ahead and do it in four years. In high school, take a college prep course that is strong in the subjects related to your area of interest.

When selecting a college, make sure that it is accredited in your area of specialty.

Start by making a list of benefits & drawbacks of your career choice:

Your interests/Lack of interest

Your skills/Lack of the required skills




Free time/Busy schedule

High/Low demand

Cyclical industry/Steady demand

Time spent inside/outside/both

Travel opportunities/Too much travel

Offers opportunity to own a business

Require immediate actions/Allows time for thoughtful decisions

Low stress/High Stress

High demand/Low demand

Puts you in an adversarial position/Not adversarial

Deadline pressure/Leisurely pace

Profitably pressure/Non-profit

Periods of too little or too much work/Steady work

Limits where you can live/No limit

High cost & time for education & internship/Low cost & time

By carefully considering these pros and cons of your career choice, you will hopefully, chose a career that will be exciting, challenging and rewarding.

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