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About Professional Value Books

Because I wish to share my knowledge of consulting engineering, I started to write the book The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. In order to facilitate the publication of this book and to help hold down the cover price, I established the publishing company Professional Value Books, Inc.

The undertakings relating to publishing and the many other tasks unrelated to writing have proven to be more daunting than composing the manuscripts. However, the knowledge gained should make the production of my future titles less stressful.

I have received interest in a condensed and abridged version of The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING, to be used primarily as a premium gift by companies that sell services or products to engineers. This book is called: The “Outline Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING.

The CONSULTING ENGINEER’S “Guidebook” is the result of requests from many readers to narrow the focus to the goals of:

  • Becoming an “outstanding” consulting engineer.
  • Gaining a reputation as an “expert” in their specialty; and
  • Obtaining the engineering “management skills” needed to advance their career and make the firm stand out from their competitors.

My chapter on Forensic Engineering appears to have garnered the most interest from my readers. Many have asked for more information regarding adding this interesting, challenging and lucrative specialty to their consulting engineering practices. So, I am expanding this topic into my new book: The “Complete Guide” to FORENSIC ENGINEERING.

My chapter on Operations Manuals has produced a demand for more content. Another book that I am working on is: The CONSULTING ENGINEER’S Guide to “Operations Manuals”. I hope to produce a book with forms and policies that can be adapted as is, easily modified, or conveniently supplemented to serve the needs of individual consulting engineering firms.

When these publications are available, I will post excerpts on my website for you to download at no charge. Look for them.