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Architects Fee Considerations

There are “Architects Fee Considerations” other than percentages, hourly costs and other costs.

Things to consider include:

  • What other work do you expect to have during the likely schedule of this project? (Dead-lines often creep.)
  • How much competition do you think that you have?
  • How good a client has this been or is expected to be?
  • Is this phase 1 of a multi-phase project?
  • The question usually boils down to “How hungry are you”?
  • If you are a “start-up” and the partners are doing most of the work, you can put in some extra un-compensated hours and cut the fee, (a little).
  • Don’t be concerned about overtime. 5-10 hours of overtime per week makes most employees happy. But, any more than that, makes them less productive. However, I believe that limited over-time actually improves your bottom line. To learn the reasons why “Click Here”.
  • Some projects are “losers”. Try to pass-up most of them.

Always calculate your estimated hours and other costs including profit and never take on a project that the Architects Fee doesn’t correlate well.

I have just shared with you some of the fee “secrets” that took me 35 years to perfect. Apply my advice and use your best judgment; your proposals will win you work.

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