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Surprisingly this is a realistic goal. Find out the step-by-step roadmap at When I graduated with a BS in engineering, I was a no-body. I had no connections and had never seen the inside of a country club. But, I was savvy enough to know that I needed to make contacts and get known. I had my own full time private practice in less than 5 years.

The secrets are revealed in the new book The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING by John D. Gaskell, Retired Professional Engineer. Go to to learn more about consulting engineering and to download a free chapter.

The ideal gift for engineers of all disciplines is The “Deluxe” Gift Package which is all three of my books in Hard Cover (Casewraped) or The “Standard” Gift Package in Paperback. Would you like to be responsible for providing an engineering practice for your engineer that will support him/her and their family for their entire career? What are you waiting for?

Learn the answers to your most compelling questions about consulting engineering:

  • Is it the right career choice for you? Consider what this fascinating profession entails and how it will change your life.
  • Do you want to have your own engineering firm? If so, you will learn the step-by-step procedures to make it happen.
  • Would you like to be able to predict your first year’s income and expenses? You will discover how to prepare a Business Plan.
  • Do you know how to calculate the best fee quote for each project? Learn the “insider” secrets to winning quotes that will make your projects profitable.
  • Do you want to become known in the engineering community and develop an impressive list of contacts, achievements, and awards? Learn how easy it is and how you can do it.
  • Do you want to be considered an “expert” in your specialty? If so, learn how to become a published author and how gratifying it can be to see your words in print.
  • Do you want to be part of an exceptional engineering practice? If so, you will learn how to make, both you and your firm, “outstanding.”
  • Would you like to more than “double” your firm’s selection rate for projects? Learn how to prepare the best marketing materials and implement effective marketing methods.
  • Would you like to add a “specialty” that allows you to charge one and one-half to two times your normal hourly rate. If so, consider the profitable and fascinating field of “forensic engineering.”

Most Colleges of Engineering never mention the words “Consulting Engineering” or even the words “Systems for Buildings”. They are too busy talking about research or other fields where engineers will never be their own boss.

My name is Jack Gaskell. I am a retired Professional Engineer and operated my own consulting engineering practice for over 35 years.

I have written three consulting engineering books to share my knowledge with the next generation of engineers:

My first book is: The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. In essence, his readers discover “step-by-step” how to start & manage an “outstanding” Engineering Practice and exactly how to gain a reputation as an expert in their specialty. This is both a handbook for new engineers and a constant reference manual for seasoned professionals.

My second book is: The “Outline Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. It is a condensed and abridged summery of the detailed advice provided in the “Complete Guide”. It is intended for engineers looking for just the facts; without the stories and background. It is intended to be like the “Cliff’s Notes” version of the Complete Guide.

My third book is The CONSULTING ENGINEER’S “Guidebook” and is an excerpted and extended version of the “Complete Guide”. It is the result of requests from many readers to narrow the focus to the goals of:

  • Becoming an “outstanding” consulting engineer.
  • Gaining a reputation as an “expert” in their specialty; and
  • Obtaining the engineering “management skills” needed to advance their career and make the firm stand out from their competitors.


All my books are available at AMAZON.COM

Both the paperback & hardback (Case Laminated) versions are available from my website:

The ideal gift for engineers of all disciplines is “The Gift Package” it is all three of my engineering books. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?


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