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By: John D. Gaskell


Wouldn’t it be great, if you could just listen to blogs and social media articles, rather than read them? When I blog from my WordPress website or on social media, the first paragraph appears followed by a “Read More” option which brings up the text of the whole article. I propose that there be a second option: “Listen”.

If you have Microsoft Windows 10, copy this article into a Word document, highlight the text, select “Review” on the header bar, and chose “Read Aloud”. This new feature reads the text aloud while highlighting each word as it speaks. I bet that Apple’s Pages will soon have a similar function, if they don’t already.

I suggest that WordPress and each social media site offer the “Listen” option. These can be called audible blogs or audible articles. Eventually they might perfect this option to include choices. Perhaps, to select a foreign language. Another choice might be to “dumb-down” the article; instead of “psychiatrist” substitute “shrink”. That reminds me to send a link to this article to one of my doctors. Perhaps, instead of a “dumb-down” choice, use an “insert IQ” choice; words would get smaller-and-smaller until they disappeared altogether.

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