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Most clients chose their consulting engineers based on “friendship”. It is human nature to want to work with someone that you know and trust. In many cases you can avoid competing on price by becoming friends with your clients, especially if your spouses are also friends. However, recently engineer friends, have told me that many potential clients resist forming a friendship with their consultants. I had a few clients like that and some hired my firm for all of their projects. Most of these were facilities directors who, I believe, were trying to avoid the appearance of undue influence regarding my continued selection.

If you are in a market that seems to be unduly influenced by price, make a concerted effort to standout from your competitors. Concentrate on the methods recommended in my books including:

  • Keep up-to-date with the latest technology.
  • Gain credentials to build-up your resume and brochure.
  • Publish magazine articles, distribute reprints and gain a reputation as an expert.
  • Be the smartest-guy-in-the-room. Prepare white papers, memorize them and share them with your staff.
  • Prepare marketing materials and implement methods that will make your firm standout from your competitors.
  • Prepare an operations manual that emphasizes quality control and service to your clients.


Excerpted from The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING © 2015 John D. Gaskell. Used with permission of Professional Value Books, Inc. All rights reserved. Order at Use coupon code “paperback” and save.