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Become exceptional! Learn everything that you can about your profession or business so that you stand head-and-shoulders above your competition. If your services or products are just “mediocre”, all the marketing efforts in the world are unlikely to lead to your success.

Start the job right

Once you have a job, do your best to become exceptional. Arrive early and leave late.

Start a notebook to record information, such as how to do each part of your new position, formulas, code rules, contacts, and anything that you might need again. My notebook was a three-ring binder; yours will be your computer or iPad.

Ask a lot of questions, but avoid the same question a second time—be exceptional – consult your notebook.

I soon learned that my mentor, Mr. King, could never answer a question with a yes or a no. His answers always came with a story and a long explanation. This was often frustrating when we were up against a deadline. But it taught me related things, helped me to remember the answers, and gave me an understanding of the why. Fill your notebook with knowledge and become exceptional.

Stay up to date

It’s critically important that you stay up to date. This involves weekly reading, including magazines in your industry and in your specialty, code updates and interpretations, business trends, and current affairs. This will aid you in your present job and help your future endeavors to thrive and prosper in any economy. Dedicate at least four hours a week to this task. Always have something with you to read. Don’t waste time waiting for doctors while reading outdated health-care magazines.

“White Papers”

Start writing and memorizing “white papers”. A white paper is a report or guide to help readers to understand an issue. It is one thing to understand an issue. But, If you can explain it in laymen’s terms, clearly and distinctly, your listener may think that you are the “smartest person in the room”.

My new book

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