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I have recently written a new Marketing book: ‘The ‘”Smart Guide” to MARKETING’, that was released on June 1st. It is presently on sale at the Kindle Store on Amazon. Both the paperback & hardback (Case Laminated) versions are available from my website: Some readers have said that it is the “BEST SALES & MARKETING BOOK” ever – You be the judge.

This handbook to achieving a reputation of brilliance, reveals the easiest way for you to succeed in any profession or business. Being a professional in private practice or being an entrepreneur, starting any venture is exciting and challenging. Learn what is common to all enterprises, such as: building your reputation, finding and keeping clients/customers, promoting new work/projects, distinguishing yourself with achievements and awards, being selected over your competition, and managing your practice/business profitably. Get the “Smart Guide”


I graduated from ‘The College of Engineering’ at the University of Rhode Island. I studied day and night and seldom got a grade above a “C”, while some of my classmates hardly ever studied and got all “As” & “Bs”. I still hate those guys.


However, I was “savvy” and knew how to market myself and my professional practice and within ten years many people thought that I was “The smartest person in the room” and my engineering practice therefore must be the best.

If you follow much of the advice reveled in my new book you may also be regarded as such. “You are what you are thought to be”! Get the “Smart Guide”.


Learn the answers to your most compelling questions:


  • Are you a nobody, like I was? Uncover how easy it is to become well-known in your profession/industry and meet those who will be your colleagues, competitors, future employees, and valuable contacts.
  • Do you want to gain credentials and awards that will distinguish you from your competitors? Discern how you can—with less effort than you may think. It doesn’t just happen; you make it happen!
  • Do you know how to conduct an effective job search and how to prepare for your interview? Determine how to be exceptional, dress for success, and be prepared for likely questions—including ones about your skills.
  • Do you want to own your own professional practice or business? Do you want to have partners? Learn how to assess the advantages and disadvantages and how to evaluate your options.
  • Do you want to be the person who has all the right answers? Understand what “white papers” are and why you should write them, commit them to memory, and possibly expand them into published articles.
  • Do you want to stand out? Master techniques on how to make your website, business announcement, letterhead, business cards, brochures, announcements of awards, and new services elegant.
  • Would you like to be considered a great conversationalist? Understand when to talk and when to listen. Discover why you should read magazines in your industry, plus articles regarding business trends.
  • Does the thought of public speaking frighten you?  Get in on the secret of how to get training without charge, and come to know how public speaking is an opportunity for free publicity that you should never overlook.


What people are saying:

Included are more than 100 marketing methods. + I can’t believe what great marketing ideas are included. + This book focuses on the top marketing ideas ever used. + These are the best small business tools for any profession. + I ordered two more as gift marketing ideas for my children. + This is one of the best sales and marketing books ever written. + This is a list of sales tools that I can choose from in the future.

Editorial Reviews


Lin  B


5.0 out of 5 stars “Graduation Present

Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2020

This book would make a wonderful graduation present for a young man who is graduating from high school or college and is just starting out on a career in business. Well organized. Easy to find specific topics. A real blueprint for success.




5.0 out of 5 stars “A Thoughtful, easy to understand Marketing Guide”.

Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020

This guide is well written in easy to understand language to help people market themselves in an increasingly competitive world of work. The author writes a List of Benefits and Drawbacks to help anyone decide what career and possible business they may want to start.

He explains how to gain all important credentials in their chosen profession and gives sage advice and strategies to become successful. This book can help young people starting out in the world and more mature people wanting to change careers or start a new business. Terrific book!




5.0 out of 5 stars “Wonderful Gift – Quick Read- Excellent Advice!”

Reviewed in the United States on June 3, 2020

Verified Purchase

For the past 18 years I’ve worked with candidates in a career transition. Many of these candidates have for one reason or another never had the opportunity to learn the art of “marketing” themselves. The excellent advice, presentation and easy to read style makes “The Smart Guide to Marketing” an excellent choice for any age. Highly recommend!

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