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Learn how to market both yourself and your company – Be exceptional and Succeed.

‘The “Smart Guide” to MARKETING’ by Jack Gaskell is a #1 New Release. It is a handbook to achieving a reputation of brilliance and reveals the easiest way for you to succeed in any profession or business. Learn what is common to all enterprises, such as: building your reputation, finding and keeping clients/customers, promoting new work/projects, distinguishing yourself with achievements and awards, being selected over your competition, and managing your practice/business profitably.Be exceptional and Succeed.

  • Be exceptional: There is no point in striving for a great reputation if you can’t produce exceptional services/products. Be exceptional and Succeed.
  • Get known: Attend meetings of local industry organizations.
  • Start a contact list: including both business and personal information. Include anyone who might use your services/products or recommend you.
  • Become an officer: Volunteer for committees and after you become accepted, let it be known that you want to be an officer.
  • Win awards: After you have been active in an organization, nominate another involved member for an award and they will later return the favor. Or have a mutual friend suggest it.
  • Start saving: You’ll need equity, good credit, and banking relations to start a business.
  • It doesn’t just happen. You make it happen. Be exceptional and Succeed.
  • Business announcement. Make your business announcement outstanding. It should look like a wedding invitation on fine thick paper with raised letters.
  • Letterhead and business cards. Create elegant letterhead and business cards. Parchment with raised letters would be a good choice.
  • Your brochure is the face of the company. It will evolve as your firm grows. Try to make it versatile and something that will make you proud and distinguish you from your competitors.
  • Don’t forget to send out announcements of awards, new services/specialties, and anniversaries.
  • Always consider public speaking as an opportunity. By becoming an officer of one or more of your industry organizations you will progressively gain more and more public speaking training, so when you become the organization’s president you will be an accomplished public speaker.
  • Send notes. Never forget to send thank you notes, and look for opportunities to send notes of congratulations. You don’t even need to know someone to recognize their achievements.
  • Your notebook: to record information, such as office procedures, your contact list, formulas, calculations, definitions, and anything that you might need again. Your lap-top will be your notebook.
  • Spend time: Reading magazines in your industry, plus articles regarding business trends, and current affairs.
  • Success: Includes: happiness, wealth, respect, good health, family and friends, interests, and charity. The starting point of success is happiness and not wealth. But wealth should not be overlooked. Make a prioritized list of your own ideas of the components of success and develop a plan to accomplish your goals.
  • White paper: A white paper is a report or guide to help readers to understand an issue. After you have prepared a white paper, reread it several times, and commit much of the information to memory. They will serve as a useful future reference and possibly the basis of a magazine article authored by you.
  • Collect business cards: Start a contact list, including both business and personal information. Create a form for each person on your contact list. Each time that you contact the person, list the date and details on this sheet.
  • Articles: Try to publish at least one article per year in the most prominent magazine in your industry. Being a published author is the quickest and most effective way to boost your reputation. Write about your projects or clients or timely issues in your industry.
  • Designing, printing, and distributing reprints of your articles is one of the keys to being successful.
  • Public speaking: Almost any kind of speaking engagement enhances your image and credibility.


Excerpted from ‘The “Smart Guide” to MARKETING’ Copyright © 2020 by Jack Gaskell. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this “Smart Guide” tip, upon condition that this message remains. Visit: for additional tips. Be exceptional and Succeed.




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Almost any kind of public speaking engagement enhances your image and credibility.


Most professional organizations offer continuing education courses. this is a public speaking oppertunity and it will enhance your reputation to arrange to be a guest lecturer.

The RI chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society every couple of years offered either a basic lighting course or an advanced lighting course. Instruction was for three-hour sessions on eight nights. Not surprisingly (since I was the RI chapter’s founding president), I was asked to be the instructor.


I agreed to teach the first night and help select instructors for each of the other sessions. Eight lectures would have required a great deal of time and preparation. Also, in addition to giving me some publicity, it allowed me to help some of my contacts to get some notoriety. My lecture also gave me an opportunity to scope out some future employees.

Don’t let yourself get roped into a multi-night teaching engagement at a local college. It’s very time consuming with little benefit, poor pay, and (in most cases) no student appreciation.

New Service Lectures

Every time that you start a new service, try to be a guest speaker at any professional organization whose members might use your service or recommend you. We had a local mayor who had the reputation of being available to speak at the opening of an envelope; my criteria were not much higher.


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation and hand out your announcement. If the organization does an actual mailing, try to get the program chairmen to enclose your announcement so those who don’t come to the meeting will receive your information. At the meeting, don’t pass out the announcement until after your lecture, because attendees may read it instead of listening to you. Take the opportunity to make new contacts.

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How to gain credentials that will distinguish you from your competitors.

How to win awards that will make your resume shine.


Excerpted from ‘The “Smart Guide” to MARKETING’ Copyright © 2020 by Jack Gaskell. All rights reserved. Permission is hereby granted to copy and distribute this “Smart Guide” tip, upon condition that this message remains. Visit: for additional tips.


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Forensic engineers serve as consultants to the legal profession and as expert witnesses in courts of law. In my experience, most opposing attorneys are civilized. However, some of them can be nasty and abrupt in their cross-examination. Consider cross-examination questions like the following, and craft answers that suit your personality and temperament. But listen carefully because a slightly differently worded question may require an entirely different reply. After every question, pause for a beat to give yourself time to form the best answer and to allow your attorney/client time to object. If he or she does object, immediately stop talking until the judge rules. In any case, try not to lose your cool.


Question: How much are you being paid for your testimony?

Answer: My company charges $XXX per hour for my professional services; my testimony is not for sale.

Question: Isn’t it true that you would not be here today if it weren’t for the obscene amount of money that you are being paid?

Answer: Like you, counselor, I am being paid appropriately for my professional services.

Question: Have you ever lied?

Answer: Of course, but never under oath.

Question: Have you ever been wrong?

Answer: Yes, but never on the witness stand.

Question: Did you read all the documents regarding this case?

Answer: I requested all of the relevant documents and read them.

Question: You haven’t told us everything today, have you?

Answer: No, it would be impossible to condense 40 years of professional practice into a few hours.

Question: What is the reputation of the opposing expert?

Answer: I like him. I don’t know what others think of him.

Question: Did you remove any information from your case file?

Answer: I updated my case file, but I didn’t remove any relevant information.

Question: How much money do you make in an average year?

Answer: That is personal and not relevant to these proceedings.

If you are directed by the judge to answer, respond with one of the following:

Answer: My income from litigation related services is about $XX,XXX.


I don’t know; it varies from year to year.

Question: Did your attorney/client tell you what to say today?

Answer: No, of course not. Except to speak slowly and clearly.

Be especially cautious of compound cross-examination questions, run-on multiple questions, or ones with multiple parts. Ask to have them rephrased, one question at a time. Politely keep asking for clarifications until you understand the question.

Litigation consulting is interesting, challenging, and profitable. If what is involved interests you, I recommend adding “Forensic Engineering” to your practice as a consulting engineer. Get Jack’s new book: The “Complete Guide” to FORENSIC ENGINEERING to learn the details. Also, the largest chapter in his book: The”Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING covers the “highlights of Forensic Engineering. Visit to find out more.

Learn how to be a forensic engineer. Find out how to be a forensic expert witness. Discover how to be an engineering expert witness. Find out how to obtain training as a forensic engineer. Learn how to obtain training as an engineering expert witness.

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Consulting Engineering Salaries in Canada


 Engineering Legacies reported that starting salaries for engineers and technologists in the consulting engineering industry vary from province to province and will also depend on the state of the economy in each province at the time.

There are also variances between urban and rural locations, and between firms that specialize in different types of work.  Some of the provincial consulting engineering associations and professional engineering registration bodies carry out salary surveys, and you may be able to access information by contacting them directly.

For the most part, well-qualified professional engineers or certified technologists in the consulting engineering sector are compensated equally well as, and often better than, other professions, particularly if they have:

  • achieved a reputation for their specialized knowledge;
  • risen to a senior management role;
  • invested in an ownership position in the firm for which they work; or
  • if they are prepared to relocate to work on projects in remote locations, domestically or internationally.

As an engineering or technologist student considering a career in consulting engineering, or as a graduate engineer who might be weighing the options between entering consulting engineering and taking a second degree, you should take many factors into consideration, but salary should not be one of them. It might be true that a graduate engineer entering the workforce typically earns less than a graduate lawyer. However, by the time a law student graduates, the engineer already has several years’ working experience, and will often be earning as much or more than the graduate lawyer.  Firms that offer consulting engineering services contribute to the social, environmental and economic quality of life in Canada and around the world, and offer the kind of challenges and rewards, financial and otherwise, that other professions cannot.

The Engineer’s Resource extrapolated available data and adjusted for inflation and offers the following 2015 estimate in Canadian Dollars:

SPECIALTY   ENTRY  5 10 Yrs.  10-20 Yrs.  20 + Yrs.
Electrical Engineers $76,000 $110,000 $148,000 $181,000
Mechanical Engineers $70,000 $102,000 $137,000 $167,000
Civil Engineers $60,000 $88,000 $118,000 $143,000

For more about consulting engineering see The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING © 2015 John D. Gaskell. Order at Use discount code “paperback” and save.