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Your company brochure is the face of your company. Make your company brochure something to make your company stand out from the competition.

During my second or third week in business, I went to a job site meeting with a mechanical engineer who was also new in private practice. On the car seat, I found three pieces of paper stapled in the top left corner. It was his resume and a list of his projects. He proudly said, “That’s my company brochure.” I didn’t know anything about company brochures, but I knew that mine would look more professional.

My first brochure was a resume and a three-page list of past projects. It was enclosed in a thick blue 11×17 paper cover (folded in half) and printed with my letterhead and the words Company Brochure in large letters.

Create an Impression

My second brochure had padded black-leather covers made by a bookbinder. It had gold embossed lettering and included the name of the client (or potential client) also embossed on the cover. The pages were encased in plastic sleeves. Is anyone going to discard something with their name embossed prominently on the cover?

Make it Professional

My third brochure was not as fancy, but it was more versatile. It was bound with flexible, glossy, and embossed black covers, and the pages were printed on my letterhead without sheet protectors. This was inserted in the front inside pocket of a 10×12 glossy folio. My company name was printed on the outside front of the folio, and my company description/resume was printed on the back. In the rear pocket of the folio, I inserted fillers that I had previously sent to my mailing list: published article (written by me), award announcements,  announcements of new services that our firm was offering, and so on.

Your brochure may evolve over time. But, most importantly, make it something of which you’re proud.

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