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“Learn step-by-step how compile your contact & mailing lists to give you publicity and help to give you a reputation as the smartest person in the room”.

By: John D. Gaskell, author of:

The “Complete Guide” to MARKETING

“How to become the SMARTEST PERSON in the Room” (You are what you are perceived to be.)

Let me show you how to become a MARKETING genius.


Contacts & Mailing Lists (Part 21 of a multi-part article)

Understand why collecting business cards and starting a contacts list will help your reputation. Realize why you should expand your mailing list to include all the “Players” in your industry.

Contacts List

Collect business cards from those that you want to get to know and start a “Contacts List”, including both business and personal information.

I recommend using a “contacts form” for each person on your list. At the top of each sheet would be the same information as on a mailing label, plus telephone and fax numbers as well as e-mail address. Also, note company affiliation and any personal information, including how you met (if you have) or how you know of them.

The purpose of these contacts forms is so you will remember when and how the person got on your mailing list. They may have called you for a fee proposal, you may have met them at a meeting, or you may have found their name on-line. Each time that you contact the person, list the date and details on this sheet. You may find a computer program to do all of this for you; the important thing is to have this information in some easily accessible form.

Mailing List

When I first started my electrical consulting engineering practice, all my clients were architects, and there were about 30 potential clients listed in the phone book’s Yellow Pages. But by the end of my first year, my mailing list had expanded to over 500 names. I included all the architects (even those who I didn’t know or said they used someone else). Each time that I prepared a fee proposal for someone not on the list, I added them. In addition, I added the following:

Electrical Inspectors (People inquire: Who should I get to draw my electrical plans?)

Electrical Supply Companies (Same question.)

Electrical Contractors (Same question, plus they may hire your firm for design–build projects.)

Housing Authorities (Director and facilities Manager.)

Superintendents of Fire Alarms (People inquire: Who do I hire to design my fire alarm system?)

Power Company Representatives (Plus, President and department heads.)

Electrical Manufacturers Representatives (Many also call on architects.)

Hospitals (Director of Facilities and President.)

Universities (Director of Facilities and President.)

Make your own list to suit your clients and industry. Your first mailing should be your business announcement.

Once you are in business, I recommend a minimum of two mailings per year.

I used to send Thanksgivings cards; people notice them because they don’t get many and it avoids a religious connotation associated with Christmas.

My second yearly mailing was either a “News Letter” or “Reprint” of a magazine article authored by me or about one of my projects.

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