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About Me
John D. Gaskell, Retired Professional Engineer
Board Certified Diplomat in Forensic Engineering

My name is Jack Gaskell and I am a retired Consulting Engineer. I undertook many assignments as a “Forensic Engineer”, serving the legal profession – investigating accidents, failures, fires, explosions, errors, and electrocutions. My assignments often included writing reports and testifying in courts of law as an “Expert Witness”.
I was a member of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers and a Board Certified Diplomat in Forensic Engineering. The following is a synopsis of one of my more interesting cases:


“Ozzie” the roofer

“Ozzie” the roofer was hired to put a new rubber roof on a tenement. Part of my job was to read his “deposition,” which is his “fact witness statement of what he observed and experienced”.
Near the completion of the project, he was attaching the 10-foot metal edge strips on the front of the building. As he was nailing a strip to the edge, he saw another strip start to blow off the roof and reached out to grab it. In doing so, he extended it out into contact with a 25,000 volt distribution line. Current flowed through the metal edge strip, through his right hand, through Ozzie, through his left hand that was still holding the secured edge strip, down the aluminum siding on the building façade, and then damaged all the appliances in the first-floor pizza restaurant.
The attorney asked him – how he felt. Ozzie replied: “I was a little tired, so I took the rest of the day off,”. Some things cannot be explained; perhaps Ozzie has a guardian angel.
Incidentally, Ozzie was not even a party to the lawsuit; the pizza guy was trying to collect for his appliances.

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