The Complete Guide to Consulting Engineering – Hardcover Edition

About The Engineer’s Resource

the-complete-guide-to-consulting-engineeringThe “Mission” of this website is to be a useful resource for engineers of all disciplines. We provide contact data for organizations, companies and individuals who can provide information and services to engineers. This knowledge is intended to be most useful to Consulting Engineers and Forensic Engineers. In addition to contact information, we try to include a brief description of our understanding of objectives and goals of the parties listed.

Also, this website provides on-site information intended to be useful to engineers including articles, Tip-Lists, Check-Lists, books and more.

 “Professional Organizations” – Included are engineering societies and construction industry organizations.

“Consulting Engineers” – Included are articles, books and other information of interest to these engineers.

“Forensic Engineers” – Included are articles, books and other information of interest to these engineers.

“Forensic Case Studies” – Included are interesting examples of cases in the litigation area that forensic engineers have been involved with including investigations, expert reports, deposition testimony and testimony at trial including cross-examination.

“Insurance” – What types of insurance that engineer’s need including Professional Liability (Errors & Omissions), here to find it and how to make the right choice.

“Project Tracking” – Why engineers need to keep careful track of their hours for both billing and budgeting for future projects. How to do it “manually” and how to later find tracking software as your firm grows.

“Check Lists” – Learn what to do in preparation for starting your own private practice and the steps to take after actually starting.

“Jobs” – Links to current job postings and how to be prepared for    the job interview.

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The owner of this website, John D. Gaskell is a retired/inactive/no longer licensed engineer. He feels qualified to tell you how he started and managed his consulting engineering practice and to give general advice. But, he is not an attorney, accountant, insurance expert or any other kind of business professional and can only give general guidance, which should always be confirmed by as attorney or other appropriate professionals before proceeding. He has expended considerable effort in the preparation of this site. He believes, to the best of his knowledge, that the information contained therein is accurate. Nothing should be construed as legal advice and he offer his apologies in advance, for the inevitable blunders.


Providing the following credit is given, you are welcome to reprint or electronically reproduce short excerpts of Jack’s Comments and Advice.

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