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Jack Gaskell (John D. Gaskell) is a retired electrical consulting engineer.

I graduated from ‘The College of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island’. I studied day and night and seldom got a grade above a “C”, while some of my classmates hardly ever studied and got all “As” & “Bs”. I still hate those guys.

I was a nobody; I came from a blue-collar family and had never even seen the inside of a country club. But, realize that I needed to start building an outstanding reputation and more credentials. And, I was “savvy” and knew how to market myself and my professional practice and within ten years many people thought that I was “The smartest person in the room” and my engineering practice therefore must be the best.

If you follow much of the advice in my new book you may also be regarded as such. “You are what you are thought to be”!

For over 35 years, I was president of Gaskell Associates Consulting Engineers, now a division of Thielsch Engineering, Inc.

I was a member of the following professional organizations: Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers, Providence Engineering Society, Electrical League of Rhode Island, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, National Electromagnetic Field Testing Association, and the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.

I am a past president of the Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers, founding president of the Rhode Island chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society, past director of the Electrical League of Rhode Island, and past chairman of the Electrical Code Sub-Committee of the Rhode Island Building Code Standards Committee.

I was honored by being selected Engineer of the Year by the Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers; Man of the Year by the Electrical League of Rhode Island; and was awarded the Providence Engineering Society’s Freeman Award in recognition of major achievements in engineering.

I spend winters at my home in North Palm Beach, Florida, enjoying the warm weather and losing at the game of pool. Summers are spent at my home in Warwick, Rhode Island, enjoying my children, grandchildren, and many great friends. My latest book is ‘The “Smart Guide” to MARKETING’. I have also written three other books: The Complete Guide to Consulting Engineering; The Outline Guide to Consulting Engineering; and The Consulting Engineer’s Guidebook.


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