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“Learn if you have what it takes to be a success as a  forensic engineering expert witness”- Take my Online Course”.                   

By John D. Gaskell P.E. , Retired Consulting and Forensic Engineer

                                        Board Certified Diplomat in Forensic Engineering

Creator of the OnLine Course: “Forensic Engineering

Litigation consulting is interesting, challenging, and profitable. If you have what it takes, I recommend adding “Forensic Engineering” to your practice as a consulting engineer.

Understand what “forensic engineering” is and discover why this exciting, challenging, and profitable field should be part of your engineering practice. Find out what is involved and if you have what it takes to be a success in the litigation arena as an expert witness.

You will learn how to prepare a CV (Your expert witness resume), market your services, formulate a forensic engineering fee agreement, conduct investigations, write reports, and prepare for depositions and the trial, including cross-examination.


Forensic engineering is defined by the National Academy of Forensic Engineers (NAFE) as “the application of the art and science of engineering in matters which are in, or may possibly relate to, the jurisprudence system, inclusive of alternative dispute resolution.” These engineers serve as consultants to the legal profession and as expert witnesses in courts of law.



  • Interesting work
  • You will be studying incidents, accidents, failures, fires, explosions, errors, etc. – in your area of expertise.
  • You will be reading & studying the case files to cull-out information regarding your portion of the case.
  • You will be conducting investigations – including site inspections, interviewing of witnesses, and examination & testing of evidence
  • Testifying at deposition & trial – both direct & cross-examination.
  • Low liability – This is not like a design (where you might make a mistake). Your only obligation is to express your opinion.
  • High hourly rates – 1 ½ to 2 times your normal hourly rates without a not-to-exceed limit. Your attorney/client knows that the opposing attorney might ask you if your investigation was limited in any way – so there is no not to exceed limit.
  • Advanced payment via “non – refundable” retainer. Have any of your other clients paid you in advance?
  • Little competition – This is a “niche” market. When your competitors hear words like “deposition” & cross-examination, they run the other way. Knowledge overcomes fear. This course will give you the knowledge to embrace forensic engineering.


  • Can be stressful – But, you will be prepared. You will learn how to make a thorough investigation, prepare & practice your testimony and how to make a confident presentation.
  • Sometimes requires travel. – Travel can be broadening – stay a few extra days and see the sights. Most of my cases were local – Yours may also be.

Because litigation consulting is interesting, challenging, and profitable, I recommend adding “forensic engineering” to your practice. Take my OnLine Course and learn how.

Lessons Include:

INTRODUCTION to becoming a Forensic Engineering/Expert Witness.


How to prepare for DEPOSITIONS – Which are oral testimony, under oath, conducted at the opposing attorney’s office.

How to prepare for TRIAL including practice and your demeanor.

How to prepare for your CROSS-EXAMINATION including questions like:

Have you ever lied?

Have you ever been wrong?

Lesson 7 will cover the BUSINESS of Forensic Engineering and include:

Your Case File

White Papers

Marketing your Forensic Engineering Services

Your Forensic Fee Agreement

Our last lesson will be an OUTLINE SUMMARY that will reinforce what you have learned.

My name is Jack Gaskell. I operated Gaskell Associates Consulting Engineers for over 35 years and we became the largest electrical engineering firms in Rhode Island. One of my most interesting and profitable undertakings was to add “Expert Witness/Forensic Engineering” to my practice.

To share my experience, I have prepared an On-Line Course and I would like to invite you to experience a FREE SAMPLE LESSON.

Litigation consulting is interesting, challenging, and profitable. If you have what it takes, I recommend adding “Forensic Engineering” to your practice as a consulting engineer.

To experience a free sample lesson, click here Forensic Engineering

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