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“Learn step-by-step how to impress others and be perceived to be the SMARTEST PERSON in the room”.

By: John D. Gaskell, author of

           How to become the “SMARTEST PERSON” in the Room.

You are what you are perceived to be. Let me show you how to stand-out.

Introduction (Part 1 of a multi-part article)

I am an electrical engineer and a graduate of The College of Engineering at the University of Rhode Island. With this one statement, you are likely thinking that I must be really smart. That is one of the reasons you should get the best education that is within your means.

Some of my classmates never studied and got all A’s & B’s. (I still hate those guys). I studied day & night and seldom got a grade above a C. I graduated in the bottom half of my class and it took me two tries to pass the licensing exam to become a Professional Engineer. However, I was “savvy” and within ten years many people thought that I was “The smartest person in the room”. I was really the master of “self-promotion.” If you pursue my advice, you also can be regarded as such.

If you are truly smart, you may not need my advice. But, if you are a mere mortal, you might benefit from it.

See how to plan for your career. Understand that your career must be lucrative enough to support you and a family, not restrict where you can live, and not require odd hours or excessive travel. Grasp how attending local meeting of organizations in your industry will help you to get known. Learn how to start a contact list and how to make it more than just a list of names. Realize how easy it is to become an officer of any organization and perceive the value of that credential. Comprehend how to get yourself nominated for prestigious awards that will make your resume stand out. Glean how to choose the profession or business that is right for you. Find out how to prepare your business announcement, letterhead, business cards, and brochure distinct from those of your competitors.

Realize how public speaking opportunities are free publicity. Learn why you need to start a “Notebook” to record anything that you might need again and discover why spending time each week reading about new topics in your field, business trends and current affairs will enhance your reputation. Learn what a “White Paper” is and how it will be useful in promoting your reputation as the smartest person in the room. Realize that people judge your intelligence at your first meeting. Understand why you should encourage the other person to speak and discover what a “Conversation Statement” is and why you need one.

Learn why “Memory Lists” will simplify your life and make others think that you are smart. You will find the following most useful: Joke Reminders; Trip Preparation List; Trip Packing List; Trip Last-Minute Reminders; Restaurants (Healthy Meals); Places, Times & People; and Grocery List. Understand why collecting business cards and starting a contact list will help your reputation and realize why you should expand your mailing list to include all the players in your industry. Ascertain how to select topics for your articles and how to submit them to magazines. Learn how to design, print and distribute your re-prints of your articles. Finally see why almost any kind of speaking engagement enhances your image and credibility.

If you truly want to be perceived as “The smartest person in the room”, get Jack’s new book: How to become the “SMARTEST PERSON” in the Room, and learn the details. You are what you are perceived to be. Let me show you how to stand-out. Visit to find out more.

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