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“Learn step-by-step how great success will help to give you a reputation as the smartest person in the room”.

By: John D. Gaskell, author of:

           How to become the “SMARTEST PERSON” in the Room.

You are what you are perceived to be. Let me show you how to become a MARKETING genius.


What is Success? (Part 12 of a multi-part article)

The dictionary describes success as the following: “attaining wealth, prosperity and/or fame”.

However, success means different things to each of us.

In my opinion to be a success in life includes the following components.

  • Happiness – For yourself, your loved ones, and those whom you encounter.
  • Wealth – Sufficient to nicely support yourself and your family.
  • Respect – From all who know you
  • Good Health – Sufficient to enjoy life and to participate in most activities.
  • Family & Friends – Who you care about and who care for you.
  • Interests – In both work and leisure activities.
  • Charity – Good deeds for others.

When we speak of success, most of us think of job/wealth success and this is primarily the focus of this book. However, you cannot be a true success without most of the components listed here.

Each person needs to define their own meaning of success. I offer these stated components as a starting point. You should expand/edit this list to assist you in reaching your own definition of success. Many of us think that wealth is the starting point; I disagree. I propose that “happiness” is where to start. Happiness is the key element that will allow you to eventually gain the other components. I propose that you embrace the concept of “personal” success in lieu of “job/wealth” success. Although the right job and personal wealth should not be overlooked.

What does success mean to you?

Don’t just think about success. Take the time to actually write down your own ideas of the components of success and then prioritize them in the order of importance to you. Don’t just make a list that you think others will find praiseworthy. Realize that success is a multifaceted personal concept. Assume that you are the only one who will ever see these thoughts. Include your innermost feelings. Print out this document and carry it with you for the next week. Look at it at least three times a day and modify it as thoughts occur to you. Refer to your “success list” when making all important decisions in your life and modify your list as you mature, grow and learn life’s lessons.

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