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Marketing For Engineers


Find out how to make your Business Announcement; Letterhead; Business Cards and Brochure distinct from those of your competitors. Learn how to make your Mailing List one of your most important promotional tools and why to include more than just existing & potential clients. Discover what lists and forms that your practice needs.


Business Announcement

A consulting engineer‘s business announcement should look and feel like a wedding invitation, with fine paper (perhaps matching your Letterhead) and raised letters. It should include the words “consulting engineers” and include the names of partners and list specialties offered.


Select an elegant paper and don’t skimp on the cost. Avoid bright or strange colors and see and feel the actual paper before printing. Print with raised lettering using a black script that it is easy to read. Avoid Logos; everyone else has them.

Business Cards

Your business card should match your letterhead and include the same information plus your name, P.E., Title, and specialty.

Company Brochure

My “Main” brochure was versatile. It was bound with black, flexible, glossy, embossed covers and the pages were printed on my letterhead. This was inserted in the front inside pocket of a 10×12 glossy folio. My company name was printed on the outside front of the folio and my company description/resume was printed on the back. In the rear pocket of the folio, I inserted “fillers” that I had previously sent to my mailing list: Published Articles; Award Announcements; Announcements of New Services that our firm was offering; etc.

My “mini-brochure” was a brief single 8 ½ x 14 parchment sheet, folded in thirds. It was only used as a hand-out at events like speaking engagements with numerous attendees, when it was too expensive to provide my normal brochure.

Your brochure may evolve over time. But, most importantly, make it something of which you are “proud”.

Mailing List

Your mailing list is one of your most important promotional tools .Expand it to include those who may recommend you. For example: inspectors; supply houses; contractors; housing authorities; fire alarm superintendents; utility company representatives; manufacturer’s representatives; hospital facility directors; and university facility directors. Send a minimum of two mailings per year to the entire list, including: up-dates, announcements and holiday cards. Your first mailing should be your business announcement.

Contact List

As you prepare your mailing list complete a “contact form” for each person on the mailing list. The purpose of these contact forms is so you will remember when and how the person got on your mailing list. They may have called you for a fee proposal, you met them at an AIA meeting, or you got their name from the Yellow Pages. Each time that you make contact with the person, list the details on this sheet, including project names, if any.

Standard Form 330

In 2004 Standard Forms 254 & 255 were replaced with new Standard Form 330. This form is available for download at It is used by federal agencies and some state and local government agencies in the hiring of architects and engineers.


Excerpted from The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING © 2015 John D. Gaskell. Used with permission of Professional Value Books, Inc. All rights reserved. Order from Use discount code “paperback” and save.