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Marketing Tips for Consulting Engineers

Marketing methods are crucial ingredients to the success of any consulting engineering practice, whether a start-up or an established firm. Here are just a few of the winning strategies from the new book, The Complete Guide to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. Use these ideas and win more clients and projects.

  • Expand your sources for leads: Include your Contact List; Consulting Engineers of a different specialty; Land Surveyors; Building Inspectors; Utility Company Representatives; the Yellow Pages; the Internet; Newspapers; and Construction Lead Services.
  • Seek Private Clients: Include Contractors in your specialty; Housing Authorities; Hospitals; Colleges & Universities; Federal, State & City Agencies; Property Managers; Manufacturers; Developers; Banks; and Law Firms.
  • Offer new Specialty Services: There is usually no competition for specialty services and no limitation on fees. Examples (related to electrical) include: EMF investigation & mitigation; Power Quality studies & monitoring; UPS Systems; and Arc-Flash calculations.
  • Always consider Public Speaking opportunities: This is especially important when you are trying to promote a new service or new specialty. Also hold seminars each time that the Code of your discipline is updated. This shows clients that you are up-to-date and gives you the opportunity to nurture your friendship with their tradesmen.
  • Entertain clients & potential clients: If a problem occurs with the services of your firm, clients are more likely to tell you and allow you to make corrections, if you and your spouse are friends. They are also more likely to give the next project to a “friend”.
  • Send Notes: Never forget to send Thank You Notes and look for opportunities to send notes of Congratulation. You don’t even need to know someone to recognize their achievements.
  • Open Houses and Parties: These are great ways to thank your clients, show off your celebrity clients and to tell them all about new specialties and show & tell about exciting projects.