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The Overprotective Mother The Single Woman


“The Overprotective Mother”

This new mother always walked her son to school and met him after school to walk him home. When she took him to the playground, she held his hand when he went down the slide.

One day his mother took him to the beach, but she was very careful. She told him not to go in over his knees and she stood next to him with her toes in the water. However, a big wave came in and swept him out over-his-head. The mother jumped up and down screaming.

Just then another big wave pushed him back on shore. He landed on his feet and said: “I’m fine Mom. Don’t worry. Everything is OK.” She responded: “No it’s not OK! Where is your hat?”

Why do you want to tell jokes?

When someone tells a funny joke with great delivery, it makes people laugh and feel happy. It also helps them to like the person telling the joke, remember that person, and causes them think that you, as the joke teller, are smart. This enhances your reputation as “the smartest person in the room.”

I recommend preparing a list of “Joke Reminders”. As the name implies, this is list of words that remind you of a joke. Like most people, I quickly forget jokes. So, when someone tells a joke that I like, I write a few words on the back of the monthly calendar that I always carry with me. Later, I think about the joke and try to improve upon it and memorize it including appropriate facial expressions and arm gestures.

That reminds me of a joke. “What do you call it when an Italian has one arm shorter than the other?” ……….. “It is called a speech impediment.”

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