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Almost any kind of public speaking engagement enhances your image and credibility.


Most professional organizations offer continuing education courses. this is a public speaking oppertunity and it will enhance your reputation to arrange to be a guest lecturer.

The RI chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society every couple of years offered either a basic lighting course or an advanced lighting course. Instruction was for three-hour sessions on eight nights. Not surprisingly (since I was the RI chapter’s founding president), I was asked to be the instructor.


I agreed to teach the first night and help select instructors for each of the other sessions. Eight lectures would have required a great deal of time and preparation. Also, in addition to giving me some publicity, it allowed me to help some of my contacts to get some notoriety. My lecture also gave me an opportunity to scope out some future employees.

Don’t let yourself get roped into a multi-night teaching engagement at a local college. It’s very time consuming with little benefit, poor pay, and (in most cases) no student appreciation.

New Service Lectures

Every time that you start a new service, try to be a guest speaker at any professional organization whose members might use your service or recommend you. We had a local mayor who had the reputation of being available to speak at the opening of an envelope; my criteria were not much higher.


Prepare a PowerPoint presentation and hand out your announcement. If the organization does an actual mailing, try to get the program chairmen to enclose your announcement so those who don’t come to the meeting will receive your information. At the meeting, don’t pass out the announcement until after your lecture, because attendees may read it instead of listening to you. Take the opportunity to make new contacts.

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