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“Starting Your Career” CHECK LIST


Follow the Starting Your Career check list. Other than a marriage choice, choosing a career is your most important life choice. 

  • Plan ahead: Don’t stumble into your career. Plan for it. Take the courses in high school – like college prep, if that is the career path that will lead you to the profession/business that is right for you.
  • Your career choice: Should be lucrative enough to support you and a family, not restrict where you can live, and not require odd hours or excessive travel.
  • Shadow: Spend a day with someone in the field that interests you. If your goal is to be an engineer spend a day with a specialist in each of your top choices: i.e. electrical, mechanical, structural, civil etc.
  • Is owning a business right for you? Evaluate a list of advantages and disadvantages.
    • Advantages: Making all the final decisions; never being laid-off; keeping all the profits; and being able to sell an asset upon retirement.


To see the full presentation watch Jack Gaskell’s video CHOICE.