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The “Complete Guide” to Consulting Engineering


In essence, readers discover “step-by-step” how to start & manage an “outstanding” Engineering Practice and exactly how to gain a reputation as an expert in their specialty.

This is both a handbook for new engineers and a constant reference manual for seasoned professionals.

The book is divided into “five parts”: Preparation; Planning; Implementation; Managing; and Cashing Out.
• Selecting a collage. Make sure that it has the right accreditation to allow you take the Professional Engineering license exam. (ABET-EAC accredited)
• Take the FE exam. In your senior year at college, while the fundamentals of engineering are still fresh in your mind.
• Gain experience. A minimum of four (4) years of “certifiable” experience in engineering work.
• Join engineering societies. Become an officer; make contacts; gain credentials; and build a reputation in the industry.
PLANNING includes:
• Recognize opportunities. Buying an existing practice; starting upon another engineer’s retirement; becoming a partner in an existing firm; or hanging out your shingle.
• Consider ownership options. Carefully consider the pros & cons of being on your own verses having partners.
• Choose Specialties. Choosing between being a “single-discipline” or “multi-discipline” firm.
• Prepare a Business Plan. Learn how to write a “Business Plan” including how to estimate expenses & income for both start-up and your first year.
• Apply for a Business Loan. Discover the secrets to getting approved for a Business Loan
• Pre Start-up “Check List”. Once you have made the GO decision, find out the initial steps to take & things to avoid.
• Start-up “Check List”. Discover how to actually start your practice step-by-step.
MANAGING includes:
• Acquiring service. Learn how to select the right Attorney & CPA and obtain the insurance coverage needed.
• Marketing. Discover the marketing materials & methods that will keep your firm busy.
• Expert. Learn the secret of gaining a reputation as an “expert” by publishing technical articles.
• Fees. Uncover the mysteries of preparing winning & profitable fee proposals including the graphs & lists that make it easy.
• Forensic Engineering. Find out how to make this interesting & profitable litigation specialty part of your engineering practice.
CASHING OUT includes:
• Selling your firm. Learn how to sell your practice for the maximum profit and retire comfortably.



7″ x 10″ (17.78 x 25.4 cm)

Hardcover (Casewraped)
Black & White Bleed on White paper
316 pages