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“Learn step-by-step how to prepare your Trip Lists that will help to give you a reputation as the smartest person in the room”.

By: John D. Gaskell, author of:

           How to become the “SMARTEST PERSON” in the Room.

You are what you are perceived to be. Let me show you how to become a MARKETING genius.


My Trip Lists (Part 19 of a multi-part article)

I have provided the following three “Trip Lists”.

  • Trip Preparation List
  • Trip Packing List
  • Trip Last-Minute Reminders


None of these trip lists will cause you to be perceived to be “The Smartest Person in the Room.” But, they will simplify your life by making repetitive tasks easier and avoid forgetting things. If you are truly “smart”, you will not skip trip lists.

When you are planning a trip, print out all three lists and staple them together. The “Trip Preparation List” is for early planning. About a week before the trip, start packing using the “Trip Packing List”. A day or two before departure, start your last-minute packing using the “Trip Last-Minute Reminders” list.

Each of my lists are free to download from my website: Just modify them to meet your needs.




Remove unnecessary things

Small amount of cash (including foreign)

Vest Pocket

Airline schedule

Trip Itinerary

Copy of directions from airport

First day’s “Daily Schedule”

Money Belt

Passport (if not leaving US)

Alternate Credit Card

Most of cash (including foreign currency)

Medication/vitamin list

Credit card list with phone numbers

Airline schedule


Rear Pants Packet

Primary credit cards

Driver’s License

Passport (if leaving US)

Carry-on Luggage

Copies of: Medication/vitamin schedule, Blood test schedule, Credit card list with phone numbers, Medical cards & AAA card, Calendar (2), Passport & photo, Airline schedule, Trip itinerary, Mailing list, Mailing labels, Return address labels, Grocery list, Driver’s License, Internet address/password summary.

Stamps & return address labels

Daily Schedule

Trip folder/binder

*Books for flight

*I-Pad & Charger Cable


*Insulin, & needles

*Blood tester, strips & lancets

*7-day Pill boxes

*Lap-top computer & cable

*Hot-Spot & cable



Checked-in Luggage


Underpants (14 FL – 14 RI)

Undershirts (14 FL – 14 RI)

Sox (khaki) – (13 FL – 13 RI)

Sox (black) – (1 FL – 2 RI) Take all

Short Pants (8 FL – 7 RI) Take white

Exercise Jerseys (8 FL – 8 RI)

Exercise shorts & Sneakers (1 FL – 1 RI)

Shoes (Khaki & Black) Bring back & forth

Bathing suit (1 FL – 1 RI)

Handkerchiefs (10 RI – 10 FL)

Shirts (short) (1/2 in FL & 1/2 in RI)

Pants (sport & dress), & belts (1/2 in FL & 1/2 in RI)

Coats & sport coats

Rain Jacket (2 in FL & 2 in RI)

Sweaters & jerseys

Ties, pocket squares, suspenders

Rain hat & baseball cap


long raincoat

*Night shirt & night pants

Toiletries (In checked luggage)

Travel toiletries bag

Tooth brush, tooth paste & floss

Hair brush & hair spray

Shaving cream & razors

Shampoo, conditioner & body in-shower lotion

Deodorant, Q-tips & rash ointment

Cough drops, Nyquil, & cold pills

Hemorrhoid cream, Maalox, body moisturizer

Sun tan lotion & insect repellant


Blindfold & earplugs

Mouth wash

Sewing kit

Nail file, scissors & toe nail clippers

Diarrheal tablets

Lint roller

Band-Aids & antiseptic cream

Other (In checked luggage)

* Luggage Scale


Tour, phrase book & other books

*Tune belt w/ear phones & first-aid

Door latch

Glucose Tablets


Staplers, scissors & scotch tape

Sea-bands, radio, pool ques

Glasses: eye, sun, & reading/sun

Plastic bags (trash & kitchen)

Shout stain wipes

Ear phones

Extra pen

Extra luggage tag

Travel alarm

Phone chargers (house & car), camera download cable, camera battery charger, camera book, phone guide, and miscellaneous cables.

Voltage Adapter

Notebook, pen & pencil

Note: For items with * (asterisk) See “Trip Last-Minute Reminders”.



Check Books (Citizens & TD)

Extra checks (4 sheets + 4 ledger sheets)

Florida Folder

Return Address Labels (1 page)

Stamps (a few)

Tax folder + Paid bills + Deposits + Statements

Other folders (review file draws – Fl. ins, etc.))

Pool Bag & Books

Put Cox on Vacation Hold until June 10th.


Forward mail.

Set wake-up alarm.

Cancel housekeeper.

Put Cox on “Vacation Hold” until June 10th.

Schedule cab (noon the day before).

Weigh checked luggage.

Clean refrigerator & empty waste baskets & trash.

From car: pool cue inside condo, book for flight.

Money Pouch (verify that RI keys are inside).

Rain coat (in outside pocket of checked luggage).

Vitamins (in checked bag).

Medications in carry-on)

Foot cream (in checked bag).

Shoes (in checked bag).

Phone charger.

I-Pad & charger/cable.

Shut-off printer.

Computer, Hot spot, & cables.

Computer back-up & CD reader (in checked bag).

P J s.

Blood tester, strips & lancets.

Insulin & Needles.

7-day pill boxes, diet pills, & Metformin.

Re-weigh checked luggage and pack luggage scale.


Leave car keys on table & take loyalty tags.

Turn down heat.

Connect car battery charger & put sign on seat.

Leave list of things to check weekly at my condo.

Lock door with keys from money pouch.


Install shutters.

Tell condo board that I am leaving.

Bring patio furniture inside.

Disconnect car battery and cover-over (do not lock doors).

Set A/C “on” & humidistat “on” and set temp. @ 78.

Shut off CB for water heater.

Shut off water in water heater closet (down).

Make sure that I have RI keys in money pouch.

Leave car remote/key & FL house keys in kitchen top draw.

Lock door with key from closet. Return key to closet and lock.

Leave cupboard above refrigerator open and fan on.

Take loyalty scanners to RI.

Close all windows including kitchen door windows.


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