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Who is John D. Gaskell?

John D. Gaskell is a retired Consulting Engineer who wishes to share his 35 years of experience with both young engineers thinking of starting their own practice and those old hands who wish to improve their results.

He has authored three new books:

Jack’s first book is: The “Complete Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. In essence, his readers discover “step-by-step” how to start & manage an “outstanding” Engineering Practice and exactly how to gain a reputation as an expert in their specialty. This is both a handbook for new engineers and a constant reference manual for seasoned professionals.

His second book is: The “Outline Guide” to CONSULTING ENGINEERING. It is a condensed and abridged summery of the detailed advice provided in the “Complete Guide”. It is intended for engineers looking for just the facts; without the stories and background. It is intended to be like the “Cliff’s Notes” version of the Complete Guide.

Jack’s third book is The CONSULTING ENGINEER’S “Guidebook” and is an excerpted and extended version of the “Complete Guide”. It is the result of requests from many readers to narrow the focus to the goals of:

  • Becoming an “outstanding” consulting engineer.
  • Gaining a reputation as an “expert” in their specialty; and
  • Obtaining the engineering “management skills” needed to advance their career and make the firm stand out from their competitors.

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He was President of Gaskell Associates Consulting Engineers; now a Division of Thielsch Engineering, Inc. Jack is a graduate of Wentworth Institute, with an Associate’s degree in Electrical Engineering Technology, and the University of Rhode Island, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Jack was a member of the following professional organizations: Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers, Providence Engineering Society, Electrical League of Rhode Island, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, National Electromagnetic Field Testing Association and the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.

He is a past President of the Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers and past President of the Rhode Island Chapter of the Illuminating Engineering Society, past Director of the Electrical League of Rhode Island and past Chairman of the Electrical Code Sub-Committee of the Rhode Island Building Code Standards Committee.

Jack was honored by being selected “Engineer of the Year” by the Rhode Island Society of Professional Engineers; “Man of the Year” by the Electrical League of Rhode Island; and “Freeman Award” recipient by the Providence Engineering Society for the purpose of recognizing major achievements in engineering.

He spends winters at his home in North Palm Beach, FL, enjoying the warm weather and loosing at the game of pool. Summers are spent at his home in Warwick, RI enjoying his children, grandchildren and many great friends.

Visit Jack’s website:, for great information and advice for consulting engineers.