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“Your Disaster Recovery Plan”


Introduction to “disaster recovery”

Not many of us could have predicted the recent pandemic, and fewer of us have prepared a plan for our business to recover from it. We also need a business plan to recover from other kinds of business disasters, like fires or floods of our places of business. Some of us need to plan for natural disasters like hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, wildfires, avalanches, droughts, volcanos, or even tsunamis. Prepare your disaster recovery plan today.

My Book

I am the author of the book: ‘The “Smart Guide” to MARKETING’.  I recently finishing a new chapter: “Your Disaster Recovery Plan”. I suggest that readers use this chapter as a guide in preparing ‘Their Disaster Recovery Plan’ for their specific business. It will be a lot easier to leisurely develop it now rather than when their pants are on fire or they are standing in six inches of water.

The document that you create is “Your Disaster Recovery Plan,” so you need to decide what’s best for your company. Just highlight the items that you like in my new chapter and then create a separate list of your ideas.

To make creating a plan easier for others, I will provide a PDF of this chapter, available for download at a nominal price from my website:


The following is a summary of my advice:

  • Budget and prepare for adequate emergency funding
  • Prepare “Your Emergency Contact Lists” now
  • Pre-recovery “thanks and reassurance” to staff
  • Keep staff informed and updated
  • Protect property from further damage (if appropriate)
  • Protect property from looting (if needed)
  • Investigate your insurance coverage
  • Repair property (if needed)
  • Safeguard business records
  • Notify, reassure, and continually update clients/customers
  • Temporarily expand business online
  • Search for and move to temporary space (if needed)
  • Promote temporary reopening
  • Promote permanent reopening
  • Thank staff, workers, and customers for their efforts/understanding.

When a disaster happens, most people’s first thought is, What do I do now? But if you plan ahead, you’ll have “Your Disaster Recover Plan”. Create yours now!

YouTube Video

 To see my YouTube video of this presentation go to:

I have recently completed a book on Marketing: “The ‘Smart Guide’ to MARKETING”, that is presently on “Pre-Sale” at the Kindle Store on Amazon, and is due for release on June first.

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